lovers of torah

Torah may be compared to a beautiful and stately maiden who is secluded in an isolated chamber of a palace, and has a lover of whose existence she alone knows.  For love of her he passes by her gate unceasingly and turns his eyes in all directions to discover her.  She is always aware that he is forever hovering about the palace and what does she do? She thrusts open a small door in her secret chamber, for a moment reveals her face to her lover, then quickly withdraws it.  He alone, none else notices it; but he is aware it is from love of him that she has revealed herself to him for that moment, and his heart and soul and everything within him are drawn to her.

So it is with Torah, which discloses her inmost secrets only to them who love her. … Hence, people should pursue the Torah with all their might, so that they might come to be her lovers.  (Zohar, II, 99a)

-Back to the Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Texts, Barry W. Holtz, editor.

enrichment of the common faith

The Spirit is, assuredly, also given to “individual Christians,” so that their hearts can “burn within them” (see Luke 24:32) as they pray and prayerfully study the Scripture within the context of their own personal lives. ... This kind of reading, it should be noted, is never completely private, for the believer always reads and interprets Scripture within the faith of the Church and then brings back to the community the fruit of that reading for the enrichment of the common faith.

-The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, The Pontifical Biblical Commission