To encourage active engagement with sacred texts and effective collaboration in community for peace, justice and the salvation of souls



so that we may all be one



I hope this site will be evidence of my dialogue with a great cloud of witnesses for understanding, conversion and community.

I invite you to participate in this dialogue also, either here or in your own life in some substantive and life giving way.



This website is dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Folliard, OP.   Sister Dorothy passed away on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018 at the age of 93.

Although she is remembered for many fine accomplishments, she was also my first biblical Greek tutor. After retiring from active ministry and teaching seminary students for about 25 years, she then volunteered to teach me.  We spent an hour together weekly for a year, just the two of us.  I loved her very much.

Christ has risen.  Alleluia, Christ has risen.